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Download the atfal here. Or is it something more than this? Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem, May Allah have mercy upon you and increase you in knowledge. Though the author states that takreer should be made, it does not mean that the takreer should be clear and apparent, rather it should be hidden.

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July 15, at 2: The Hifdh Club says: What do you mean about ‘example of how it occurs in the language? December 2, at 9: As to what proceeds, this poem is for the one who seeks it studentsregarding the letter noon, the nunation and the rules of elongation.

Aameen and anta aydan. A traveler traveling – travelled from shirk to tawheed, If I’m remembered for anything – let it be the Tuhhfatul I seek. IslamicBoard is one of the leading Islamic discussion forum for anyone who wants to learn more about Islam or simply interact with Muslims from all over the world.

Tuhfatul Atfaal | Muslim-Listening

And the letter noon in its unvowelled state and the tanween are governed by four rules. When this tanween occurs the slanted tanween and is followed by tashdeed a letter that wtfaal shadd then you make full idghaam. Although the text is called ‘Tuhfatul atfaal’ A gift for the childrenthe term ‘atfaal’ should not be taken in the literal sense.


The author is referring to the state tuhaftul an individual who does not know the science, they are like ‘children’.

I have slowed down the speed of the recitation, to make it easier for non-native speakers, as well as splitting each section into each verse, and each verse into each half. Email required Address never made public. September 7, at In any case, the diacritical markings does not change the letters so it does not matter as to ttuhfatul you read this word.

When you create an account, we remember exactly what you’ve read, so you always come right back where you left off.

Tuhfatul Atfaal (A Poem About Some Tajweed Rules)

By the mercy of Allaah the translation of the classical and renowned tajweed text has been completed. Abu Zayd Please note that there is an error in translation on page 4.

Baarakallaahu feekum I hope all those who read it benefit from it! May 25, at 3: However, if the slanted tanween is followed by a letter that is not tashdeed then you make incomplete idghaam or ikhfaa.


For English explanation click here: So the letters of idhghaam are: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here June 6, at 8: Fa WasaTna Bihi Jam’aa, the tanween there is straight. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here In order for idghaam tuhfztul occur, they need to be in two words and not one.

Originally Posted by Al Habeshi.

The tanween appears normal. July 4, at And the 6 letters are hamza, haatuhcatul ayn, 7aa, the two lacking in diacritical markings meaning the ayn and 7aathen ghayn, kha. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem, You mean like a normal tanween from the Fatha?