3 Mar The Wisconsin-born writer’s now largely forgotten Way Station Few indeed, will even have heard of Clifford D Simak; I certainly hadn’t before. 6 Feb Before you think too much about it, have a read of Clifford Simak’s novel Way Station. Simple in presentation and simple in aim. 2 Aug The campfire fantasy had turned into fact and the Earth now was on galactic charts, a way station for many different peoples traveling star to star.

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It’s a reflective book, spending most of its time with conversations or with solitary people thinking and working.

The assurance would be there, he thought, the assurance that life had a special place in the great scheme of existence, that one, no matter how small, how feeble, how insignificant, still did count for something in the vast sweep of space and time.

They give focus to his musings and structure the conflict. I don’t enjoy reading on e-readers so much I will and this is one I will re-read.

The reader who does not like Simak stories does not like science-fiction at all. Simak is a strange work of sci-fi, and at the same time an intensely imaginative one. And that was the secret of the universe, Enoch told himself — simaj thing that went on caring. This embodies genre fiction of the time period for me simxk that way.

Few today, for instance, would agree with his declaration: Science-fiction giant Robert Heinlein might have been an expert at predicting the future when it came to waterbeds and presidents’ wives influencing matters of state via the medium of astrologybut some simqk his ideas about the genre he wrote in haven’t stood the test of time. View all 8 comments.

Way Station

The first time through, I struggled a little with view spoiler [the shadow-people. I love this story of Enoch Wallace, a Civil War veteran whose home is being used as an interstellar way station, a stopping point waj alien travelers journeying from one part of the galaxy to another.


But there I go getting cynical again What does it say to the disabled? And all that Galaxy Central’s politics reminds me current wave of multiculturalism politics in EU, which, in my opinion, failed and reading about it in a sci-fi book was a bit strange. He is actually more normal than most protagonists I’ve ever read in a science fiction novel, which so often are about the starship captains, the brilliant scientists, and frankly, the privileged few.

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All the aliens are presented as male. And yes, there are guns. One part of that statement is certainly true, but I didn’t find it to be particularly humorous. The time span was impressive and the historical snapshots integrated smoothly.

As he struggles with this dismal forecast, wondering if he could be mistaken, a stranger intrudes who could ruin not only the establishment of the way station, but possibly galactic peace between the aliens and Mankind. We realized that among us, among all the races, we had a staggering fund of knowledge and of techniques – that working together, by putting together statuon this knowledge and capability, we could arrive at something that would be far greater and more significant than staation race, alone, could hope of accomplishing.

Sam Jordison on Clifford D Simak’s Way Station | Books | The Guardian

Simak does an excellent job of setting up this scenario. By many readers it is considered his best, and it features some his favorite themes: This was certa Charming. I was so astonished and entertained ximak I immediately looked for more sf to read and to this day I still prefer reading sf than any other form of fiction.

The entire book sttion barely pages, and manages to cram in a lot of ideas. Enoch has to recover this body, which he buried with respect and dignity. Show 25 25 50 All. Simak for simqk me find my reading comfort zone. The audiobook is narrated by Eric Michael Summerer and he does a nice job of capturing the steady Midwestern rhythms of the story and narrator. Aliens coming and going from his home, he keeps a pot boiling on the stove, an eye to his manners, and a pleasant, accepting wag toward the variety of extraterrestrial tourists and travelers who pass through.


He may contemplate but never act on any attraction. This is particularly curious in light of the fact that it was written during the time of Cuban Missile Crisis. Wallace’s closest neighbors are an asocial and coarse hillbilly family whose daughter is a deaf mute. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

Clifford D Simak: sci-fi in the countryside

His works offer a lot more for mankind as a whole than a lot of sf that currently wears the pc label. The musings of the stahion character about whether he still belongs to human race became really old really fast. And she is the one who says it first.

But like you, his humanism sees me through. I have no idea, but thank you!

sima, As part of the deal, Enoch never ages while he is inside his home. He takes his role as station master very seriously and is poised and polite when it comes to his interactions with extraterrestrials. More than a hundred years before, an alien named Ulysses had recruited Enoch as the keeper of Earth’s only galactic transfer station.