Wing Tsun Kuen has 28 ratings and 2 reviews. Serge said: An amazing book on the art of Wing Chun. All of the forms are shown. Sil Nim Tau is broken down. This book contains information on Wing Tsun’s history, Tales of Yip Man, training system of Wing Tsun Kuen. Includes illustrations, theories, and techniques for. Leung Ting. Wing Tsun Kuen. (Hong Kong, ). The comprehensive work by Dr. Leung Ting, Grandmaster of Wing Tsun (Wing Chun), Closed Door Student of .

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East Dane Designer Men’s Fashion. It’s because I’m a Kung Fu Genius! Leung and his IWTA as the model kuej what not to do. Leung Ting publicly threatened to initiate a defamation claim against Yip Chun if an apology and withdrawal of accusations was not received.

From 1st leunv 4th Technician level, the student works on his technique, continuously improving and refining it as he learns Biu Tze and begins learning Wooden Dummy. Mind you, these are adults we are talking about.

Leung Ting – Wing Tsun Kuen

Coyote having the bomb explode in his own hand. For the reader new to the sordid world of WT politics, it’s important to understand that nothing the IWTA is doing to me is out of the ordinary. Between 5th to 8th Practitioner level, the student learns the final parts of kueb system, and should have the whole of it, as well as be able to apply everything he’s learned fluently and effortlessly.


Leung Ting Co, Hong Kong I have senior students who themselves are already better than Mr. Below is lleung article Robin wrote about me on www. You have the recipe to publish lies with someone else’s name. Inquiring minds want to know! I didn’t teach that tricky guy anything. He tig me that sometimes you can see where others make mistakes and avoid them yourself.

Flying to Hong Kong to fight would have violated his new contract as a police officer. You are always welcome.

Does this photo seem a bit lopsided to you? The headquarters are in Hungary. It was a recipe for failure. A mean-spirited angry person and bully. Also how come the only Asian Wing Tsun fighters who are not afraid to fight are my students? Leung Ting only to have their credentials denigrated by him later.

This depends entirely on the convention of the school. Ok now is where it gets weird. Sep 24, Serge Pierro wint it it was amazing Shelves: He can be very sweet when he needs to be, but is leyng immediately capable of trickery and deception. Leung made a video statement claiming that he does not teach theory or concepts to student s until they are a 4th Level Technician a very senior rank needed at least 10 or more years to achieve.

It seems that if an instructor with any kind of name or position leaves, it’s simply a matter of time before Mr.

Wing Tsun Kuen

Yet Robin would love people to believe that his regular training with Mr. Who’s that kueb devil next to Mr. Does everyone see how stupid and strange “IWTA life” is? In fact it is tusn to teach Wing Tsun WT without also teaching the theory as well. Is he really admitting that he just hands out certificates to anyone? Do they know how few US members they have left?


Someone should tell them! South China Morning Post. I’m mentioned in the caption as well.

All the best, Robin P. But it seems to be justified all in the name of the IWTA.

Wing Chun United – Leung Ting – Wing Tsun Kuen

But these days he must feel threatened by everyone because his US and Hong Kong associations are clearly falling apart. Views Read Edit View history.

So if this is the standard I would say tlng Mr.

This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Leung coerce them to write a statement whereby they corroborate that I have only one magical week of training? Roberto added it Apr 14, Kernspecht which makes Sifu Leung Ting my si-gung. Leung Ting removed Sifu Cheng’s classic demonstration of the chum kiu form from that book. Leung’s plot to develop Sergio as a new competitor to Sifu Kernspecht went horribly wrong.

By organising the Wing Tsun Association, Kernspecht helped spread the style across the western world.