Beware of Boys. Tony Blundell. When a hungry wolf meets a young boy he knows exactly what he wants for supper! But the boy has a very clever plan and. Buy Beware of Boys (Picture Puffin) New Ed by Tony Blundell (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on. Thu, 11 Oct GMT beware of boys tony blundell pdf – Tony. Blundell has 38 books on. Goodreads with ratings. Tony Blundell’s most.

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This discussion could be truly multi-curricular with targetted questions and debate ranging from: Refresh and try again. He now writes and yony his own bewafe as well as illustrating other writers’ texts. Another element of the book I am attracted to is the language style, the book uses bewqre and plays on words during the text which for an older read is easy to identify but with younger readers, teachers might need to check that all the children understand the different phrases and puns used in the book.

Don’t Let the Pigeon Bluneell the Bus! I personally found the mildly dark humour employed ammusing, proving very effective alongside the ellaborately detailed illustrations. The book reinforces prior knowledge of books with similar characters to the wolf lbundell previous books children have read. This makes it suitable for students in Y2, Y3 and Y4.

Eventually the poor and tired wolf is worn out, and is literally overwhelmed by all of the work he has put in to the preparation of his meal. The Gruffalo’s Child Julia Donaldson. When he returns the tonh boy says the wolf forgot the salt. They will like the fact that the young boy is clever and able to mock the wolf. They also show different emotions portrayed between both characters such as being cheerful, tired, confused, sad and silly. Different types of questions can be asked to determine the language comprehension the children have as well as building up their vocabulary.

I found this book both hilarious and captivating, and loved that the protagonist managed to simply glundell his opponent through confusing and misleading instructions. The wolf has prepared his taste buds several times as he wants to eat the boy, but on three separate occasions, the boy sends the wolf on a wild goose chase for ingredients that will make himself desira Beware of Boys by Tony Blundell is a very enjoyable book that allows children to explore their imagination as to what could potentially happen in the story.


They can try out a simple recipe themselves no boy soup though! Students could also act out scenes from the book to engage them kinaesthetically, as there is a lot of expression and movement from the wolf character. Want to Read saving…. A young boy is captured by a wolf in the woods and tricks him into tong eating him by giving him a series of very creative, cooking-related tasks.

The very ttony boy offers the Big Bad Wolf a selection of very, well shall we say, interesting recipes for boy soup, boy pie an I was first introduced to this fabulous book during an Bewarre session at university as part of my PGCE course. I particularly enjoyed the recipe pages within this book, especially the way it illustrates the changing mood of the wolf.

Unlike the assumed stance a child would normally take, this young boy is very bold, witty and intelligent, and throughout the story shows how he can outsmart the wolf. What would the consequences of that be? Jan 14, Aleha Begum rated it blunsell was amazing.

Beware of Boys

Beware of the Boys is a book that I read in my English lesson in University and I had to analyse the book and see if the book would be a good read for children.

The boy happily bikes home to his mother, where he presents her with a bouquet of daffodils. The teacher can use this as a chance blujdell point out difficult words, language features and concepts.

Finally this book I believe would be suitable for KS1 children who is at a higher ability at reading. This also makes a refresh This is a fun, engaging book that will surely entertain younger and older readers.

Each time he is given a recipe, the wolf runs around madly gathering many ingredients, only to be told by the boy he has forgotten the salt and given a new recipe! The wolf takes him back to his cave to eat him.


Beware of Boys : Tony Blundell :

What recipe would you come up with? This book would bogs well-suited for skilled Year 1 readers, as well as lower Key Stage tkny pupils. Oct 03, Daniel Bush rated it it was amazing. Tony lives near Exeter. This hilarious fairytale tells the story of a young boy who gets captured by a wolf.

When the wolf returned yet again from ingredient hunting, he boy informs him that he has forgotten the salt!

Beware of Boys – Tony Blundell – Google Books

When a hungry wolf meets a young boy he knows exactly what he wants for supper! Also as it is a trickster story you can discuss with the children about how tonj small can overcome something that is powerful and what other stories it may relate to.

Description When a hungry wolf meets a young boy he knows exactly what he wants for supper! The teacher can then add up comprehension and decoding skills to place the pupil on The Simple View of Reading accordingly. I’m a Big Sister Joanna Cole. As he strolls through the woods, he becomes captured by a fiercely terrifying wolf. I feel that children would enjoy putting their own ideas and viewpoints into creating their own twisted tales.

Preview — Beware of Boys by Tony Blundell. The wolf sets out to get all the things he will need to make boy cake. The wolf simply cannot resist the temptation to gather together the ingredients required for this delicious snack. Press Here Herve Tullet. Soon the greedy wolf is running round trying to find all the ingredients – with hilarious re This would be particularly useful for EAL pupils who have difficulties understanding written English — the use of puns, for instance.

The illustrations capture the light nature of the book and add significant meaning to the story as it unfolds prompting responses and setting the tone.