Canto Ostinato for two pianos. Composer: Simeon ten Holt Performers: Piano Duo Sandra en Jeroen van Veen on two grand pianos. Simeon ten Holt: ‘The best. Canto Ostinato (). The first performance of Canto Ostinato took place on April 25th in the Ruïnekerk in Bergen (The Netherlands) and was. Simeon Ten Holt: Canto Ostinato. By Simeon ten Holt, Irene Russo, Fred Oldenburg, Sandra van Veen, Jeroen van Veen. • 28 songs. Play on Spotify . 1.

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The piece was completed in and performed for the first time in and is by far his most popular and most performed work. They do not have to be present all the time — they can disappear and return — and they need not be filed to the notated octave register. Also about repetition and combination of bars and sections, depending on their place within the score.

After some time has elapsed the different intensities alternate with a noticeable transition, from forte to piano and the other way around terraced dynamics and this happens collectively, which means that all players switch at the same time.

Cantto the performance with four pianos is preferred. Time plays an important role in Canto. Constructed using short cells that can cantk repeated an indeterminate number of times by performers, the music is hypnotic and emotionally moving, taking listeners on a journey through musical landscapes.

More by Simeon ten Holt

He took his first steps in the music scene as a dance producer, earning him De Grote Prijs van Nederland Dance in With an expert performance by Piano Ensemble, a group that includes a number of specialists in minimalism, this recording is authoritative, complex yet accessible, and an essential addition to the collection of anyone interested in minimalism.

One particular record was made by Ivo Janssenpublished inwhich has a total length of around 60 minutes, and is a one man, one piano, performance of the original composition. Canto stems from a traditional source, is tonal and makes use of functional harmony; it is built according to the laws of cause and effect tension-release. However, in he abandoned the complex twelve-note technique that had been the standard since the Second World War, and returned to sounds and patterns that were easier for the ear to understand.


Time becomes the space in ostinaato the musical object floats. In doing so, he created a unique Dutch minimalist style, using simple triads, shifting rhythmic patterns and repetition. This revolutionary arrangement of Canto is an ode to the famous Dutch composer of minimal music, Simeon ten Holt. The concert was resumed after 25 minutes tape fade-out. Producer Jeroen van Veen was ostinsto to guide and assist this remarkable percussionist. That is rather rare for modern classical music performance CDs and especially for Dutch composers, who usually do not generate that much popularity.

Through its constant return A forms a pivotal or rest point. A performance of Canto is more like a ritual experience than a regular concert.

Canto Ostinato for four pianos LIVE in Concert, Bergmann’s & Van Veen’s

Another typical aspect is the fact that one can hear the same or similar bass figures and harmonies throughout the piece, which explains the ostijato. They decide about dynamic contrast, duration in detail as well as for the wholeabout the use of opposing or non-opposing timbre differentiations, whether or not to play passages in unison.

It sometimes is referred to as the source of the name of the instrument. This piece is considered to be minimal in origin, because of the repetitive, obstinate, nature of the piece, but there is some discussion on this subject. Improvisation and interaction drive each performance.

Simeon ten Holt Performer: Canto stems from a traditional source, is tonal and makes use of functional harmony, it is built according to the laws of cause and effect tension-release. Section 88 F Interaction and improvisation are the foundation of the composition; every performance is different. The music by Ten Holt is unique and attracts a new audience to classical music. The piece was written for any keyboard or any combination of keyboards.

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Recorded Concertzaal, Middelburg Share. Peter organizes or participates in the following projects in which percussion often plays an important part: Cunego’s performance inspired Dutch pianist Ivo Janssen to record a one man version for solo piano in This episode and the transposed section from figure 91 consists of a number of sections which are more or less small commen- taries on the basic structure A. Modern Marimba is now treated not only as an orchestra instrument but also as a solo instrument thanks to the louder sound achieved by the pipe.

Theme II, Section 95 Canto Ostinato, Part II 1.

CD Canto 4 pianos, BC 9261

It is a tonal composition, and therefore marked a new direction in his style of composing. She performs on a regular basis with Indian and jazz musicians as Pt Hariprasad Chaurasia and George Brooks and holds a position as solo harpist in the orchestra of John E. Since then they play osrinato sharing their passion for multiple piano music.

Repetition in this case has as its goal to create a situation in which the musical object affirms its independence and can search for its most favourable position with respect to the light thrown on it, becoming transparent.

It starts with 2 4 which, given the fact that quintuplets are thoroughly used in this composition, is actually 10 Marimba, which was improved in South America was brought to the United States eventually, and they started to make marimba around The ordering of A and its satellite-sections as ostinaro in the score is, in a certain sense, relative. Section 88 A