UIScrollView is an incredibly useful control for iOS development, so it’s not At the very same time, it seems pretty logical to change the. This doesn’t have to be a UIView specifically, but should be . then change the View Controller Scene’s Simulated size to Freeform, and the. In this UIScrollView tutorial you’ll learn how to zoom large images, Now suppose you want to change PhotoScroll to display the image at the.

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Wel, well … maybe apple should go and have a look at how Android handles the scrollview issue as well as the keyboard over your input fields issue. This tutorial finally help me to get the job done. In such a situation, you must add the following construction to the general configuration:. Thank you so much for the post! If the user then drags their finger far enough before the timer elapses, the scroll view cancels any tracking in the subview and performs the scrolling itself.

An example of the implementation of such a structure is shown below Medium app. The client-side receives a link to the basic image e. No idea why this works but it does!! This only allows you to layout all of your controls on the storyboard. Layout all labels in the storyboard.

Depending on how long the comment is, you may end up with more text than your device can display: Ready to fix the glitches? Bool A Boolean value that controls whether the vertical scroll indicator is visible.

In the project described within this article, the horizontal UIScrollView served as a container for tables, changing their size in accordance with the currently visible UITableView. You can pull my sample code from github to see how I have done my constraints.


Jack, you are wrong.

This tutorial has been updated to Xcode 9. In other words, the scrolling happens only in UIScrollViewwhich was used to detect a gesture. The scroll view calls this method to get which of its subviews to scale whenever its pinched, and here you tell it to scale imageView.

Anyway, this tutorial gets to the point, and provides a near-universal uiscrollvie, as opposed to a hacky anecdotal one.

UIScrollView – UIKit | Apple Developer Documentation

Add a vertical-space constraint of 30 relative to the label. I am not sure what am i missing here. That worked in a standalone view except that the bottom 4 text fields are not visible in iphone landscape. In landscape mode, the content can scroll vertically especially when the keyboard covers up most of the view.

This can be done in IB. I am trying to add a label which may contain from 2 lines tothen when i try to implement your code i can certainly scroll down but only to a certain point in which the text truncates.

Add the following to the end of viewDidLoad:. Objective-C is a joke. From all platforms, the iOS layout system is unnecessarily complicated.

For instance I could say I want my text view to be four times taller than uiscrollviwe labels or the same height as my profile picture. In fact you should be able to use a stack view as your container view. However I would assume if you had controls out of view it would allow the user to scroll to them. Hi, Mike, I download your sample code and compared with mine, everything is same. The first solution is to disable shadows when Ujscrollview is not visible by setting a “0” value for the shadowOpacity parameter.

How to adjust a UIScrollView to fit the keyboard

uiscrillview In such a situation, you must add the following construction to the general configuration: There seems to be a bug in the keyboardDidShow method. I am also left to wonder whether the trick is still necessary in this newer version of XCode.


If you’re using a UIScrollView or any classes that have a scroll view as part of their layout table views uiscrollveiw text views, for examplethis means adjusting the contentInset property to account for the keyboard. Though we used this method for the vertical navigation, the key principles can also be applied if all basic elements are located horizontally.

The simulated size helps you visualize the display in Interface Builder. The Core Animation Instrument confirmed a decrease in FPS from the average value of 55 down to 35 on the displays that had problems showing the content. Your view nicely displays the content and when needed allows you to scroll down to see more.

iOS: Maintaining Content Offset When The Size Of Your UIScrollView Changes

Thanks for the good tutorial. CGSize The size of the content view. Deceleration Rate A floating-point value that determines the rate of deceleration after the user lifts their finger. When i click on textfield it works fine,but when i scrolling the view cobvert scrolls till the visible elements only.

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