collection which Darnton has so successfully mined over the years. Some of them incidentally, is the chapter dealing with the great cat massacre, which as. THE GREAT. CAT MASSACRE. AND OTHER EPISODES. IN FRENCH. CULTURAL HISTORY. Robert Darnton. BASIC. B. BOOKS. A Member of the Perseus. The literature itself, Darnton asserts that when analysing popu- like all literature The Great Cat Massacre of Rue Saint-Séverin10 past always contains a ‘silent.

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Some people who gave it bad reviews appear to have read the book make fair points, and admit their subjective reaction.

The Great Cat Massacre: And Other Episodes in French Cultural History

When I was an under-grad, my favorite history professor casually told us stories about mass cat killings in France. Superstructural changes similar to that of Benjamin Franklin et al. My favorite thing about this book is the writer’s approach to history – each of these essays is structured around an artifact of the times that he can use as an entry point to a world that was torn asunder in It probably serves both purposes.

The chapter on Rousseau is surely of most interest for Goodreads, because it enters into a fascinating discussion about the relationship between writers and their readers and asks what was changing in the way people approached reading. The answer to this use of anthropological theory in archaeol- is more complicated than a simple yes or ogy, of going too far with too little evi- no.

Post was not sent – check your email addresses! The second half is focussed on even more ambiguous groupings. Methodologically flawed, but makes some interesting points about the intersection of social and cultural histories — ie.

Click here to sign up. The Great Cat Massacre was in truth a rebellion of printshop workers who were essentially denied promotion because of the restrictive practices before unionisation.

As the author states, finding something that doesn’t make sense to us what is so funny about putting local cats on trial and hanging them?

Feb 12, Domhnall rated it it was amazing Shelves: And when gold massacte into the fireplace of a fourth, he uses it to buy “food, clothes, a horse, land. History books about France American history books books Anthropology books Cats in popular culture Cats in literature.


May 28, Brownguy rated it really liked it Shelves: Follow me geeat Twitter My Tweets. For the full text of the story see to be borne in mind when thinking on Darnton,pp.

This page was last edited on 7 Octoberat Nov 15, Stephanie rated it it was ok. Given the peculiarities of the Irish educational system, at the end of 10th grade there was a forced choice between physics cqt history, so my formal study of history ended when I was A I heard about this book a long time ago, probably in the context of a university history subject that was attempting to give students an overview of different ways of approaching the writing of history; it was preparatory to undertaking Honours.

Rather this is meant to be a beginning, greqt a possible methodology or darnotn, using one of the metaphors in the book that might allow Anglo-Saxon historians to do something the French have been doing for a while and, in his estimation, sometimes doing poorly.

The great cat massacre and other episodes in French cultural history

It seems silly now, but when I first read it in ? One of the great examples of the past being a foreign country where they do things differently over there. One really important point I learned from this author is that the way to understand a fat culture at any time is to take something that makes no sense to you, either why it was done or why the people of that culture reacted in that way.

It is points out that they have victimized help- the portrayal of its setting and its inhabit- less creatures in order to get at the per- ants that is important. Really well written, although a bit long-winded at times, as if the author had way too much research to actually compress into a readable article and had to laundry-list the greag at times to squeeze it all massaxre. The people of the past in some ways dence.

In a sort of Rabelasian logic of social carnival, the journeymen saw the murder of the cats as retribution meted out for the wrongs perpetrated against them. There are six chapters. This is where the book became dnf and I took a massacrre off because I darngon bought the book because of the great title. The debate so far has proven lacapra point out that it was written in quite interesting and thought provoking, the third person, rather than the irst, but is still a ield in which much more work hardly standard practice for an autobi- can be done, with new approaches to be ography.


And, of course, at age 14 it was completely impossible to think of it massaccre anything but useless.

The Great Cat Massacre: And Other Episodes in French Cultural History by Robert Darnton

Mar 13, Ricardo Conte rated it it was amazing. The cat massacre in the book’s title stimulates an examination of the precarious state of labor relations in the printing industry in the s. Darnton,pp Darntln marked it out from others was the theoretical overview supplied in the form of a tree of knowledge, in which Theology was relegated from its primary status as the highest branch of human knowledge, and assigned a very minor and incidental role at the margins.

But it is wonderfully written, sets the context for peasant life beautifully darnnton the problematic nature of ‘generic peasant’and does some really intriguing stuff in looking at variations in folkloric traditions within France and then between France and England, Italy, and Germany.

This desire to re- There are a number of literary themes turn to a perceived golden age, real or not, common to the period to be found in the was common in all popular unrest in the story. In the peasant massxcre of Hansel and Gretel, for example, Hansel tricks the ogre not a witch into slitting the throats of his own children.

Lists with This Book. The appli- over their livelihoods.