This Report of the Secretary-General’s Panel of Experts on Accountability in Sri Lanka” is also called the ‘Darusman report’ or ‘PoE report. Mr. Darusman was also a member of the Commission of Inquiry on human rights The Special Rapporteur will report his findings and recommendations to the. The Special Rapporteur investigates and reports on the situation of human rights in succeeding Marzuki Darusman (Indonesia) who had served as the Special.

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De Silva Rohan Daluwatte C. It has been put together, according to the introduction, by three patriots who are also strong adherents of pluralism and the rule of law. All those politicians you mentioned, Moon and the members of the D panel are political sluts and beggars, who sell their soles for a few votes and the fantastic perks they get from the UN. The resolution urged the Indian central government to impose economic sanctions against Sri Lanka until Tamils are given equal rights darus,an to press the UN to declare as ” war criminals ” those who committed alleged war crimes during the conflict in Sri Lanka.

People continue to flee, reporting oppression in their villages, restrictions on movements, lack of access to food and livelihoods, and a very real fear of a new wave of violence. And so they have emerged as the strongest influences on policy in the erport.

September 26, in March of Folly Tags: The panel found that as many as 40, civilians may have been killed in the final months reoort the civil war, most as a result of darusma shelling by the Sri Lankan military. However there had been previous instances of such folly on the part of the forces, as when a meeting of the TNA had been attacked some months previously.

We further call for the release of the full reports of all internal investigations into allegations of human rights violations and abuses. Venkataraman Rajiv Gandhi V.

Our findings, including on legal accountability, will be presented in our final report.

I told this to the President, who thereupon agreed that amongst my duties as his adviser on Reconciliation would be monitoring the work of the Committee and reporting to him on what was happening. At present, Lanka is being used like a trampoline, a jump start, for Tamil folk to go west and also form their separate state called Eelam, using the Discrimination card.

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OHCHR | Special Rapporteur on Democratic People´s Republic of Korea

These credibly alleged violations demand a serious investigation and the prosecution of those responsible. Darusman will meet with state officials, families of abduction victims, civil society actors, journalists and other relevant stakeholders. Carusman innocently blame Dayan, Darusman, etc. And that is the rub Garnett.

The military took steps to build up its presence in Rakhine state in the weeks prior to the ARSA attacks, and there are strong indications that military activities increased across the three townships through August Garnett, we all got choices in life…and you have arrived at one of them. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. The third section is well argued, but its main point is weakened by the failure to affirm forcefully the need for a credible internal inquiry with regard to the treatment of surrendees.

Overall, the widespread and systematic nature of the violence in all three townships suggests considerable prior military planning and organisation, which the Fact-Finding Mission is examining in detail. Those journalists are still in detention and could face lengthy prison sentences.

We have been able to proceed more deeply and broadly. So his attitude seemed to harden with the passing years. Yet, he still went ahead foolishly with this panel which ended up with the Darusman Reporg. You also got a choice to skate on thin ice holding hands with your disingenuous parliamentary colleagues, or be safe on the side of honesty and.

The mother adrusman from the other end of the house and made the split second decision that that these two children would not live, but that she could perhaps still save her two younger children. The Prime Minister said he would look into the matter, but it was not even minuted replrt as opposed to mechanisms to find vehicles and provide jobs for supporters — and after I left the group it was forgotten.

However, said the Panel, an environment which could permit a candid appraisal of the past, including the root causes of the long running ethno—nationalist conflict does not exist at present. Another argument presented is that fear of ARSA motivated many to flee. I have no idea what arguments Nivard used, but I have no doubt that he would have shared my conclusions.


The mother told the Fact-Finding Mission with haunted eyes: Its duty is to ensure that all allegations of human rights violations and abuses are promptly, thoroughly, independently and impartially investigated in the first place. Those that are in possession of concrete information to this effect are invited to share it with the Fact-Finding Mission. Also, sadly, even though he might not have been ambitious himself, he seemed to see himself as the darusmxn guardian of the victory the forces had won, with an obligation therefore to block the way of those who were anxious to give more political powers to Tamil politicians.

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We know very little darusmman any attempts to combat hate speech. They xarusman packed, with Parliament, and an overnight stay with a cousin visiting after several days, and the 92 nd birthday of my most distinguished aunt, but also a couple of interviews as well as meetings with two ambassadors. The Paranagama and the Geneva Reports: The evidence obtained by the panel revealed “a very different version of the final stages of the war than that maintained to this day by the Government of Sri Lanka”.

This is an extremely impressive book, but I find it woefully depressing. To a large extent, it goes unchecked.

One reason is that what he fears is not entirely without foundation. Consistent with the international standards mentioned above, accountability necessarily includes the achievement of truth, justice, and reparations for victims.

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Even mentioning these facts attarct repraisal from political groups. One mother described how she had to choose which children to save. We have now conducted over in-depth interviews with victims and witnesses of alleged human rights violations and abuses.