Enterprise Application Integration, or EAI, is a buzzword that gives a name to the informal process that’s been going on for years—the integration of various. Enterprise Application Integration has 25 ratings and 1 review. Steve said: This is a popular introduction to EAI – short on detail, long on asinine (a. Defining EAI As corporate dependence on technology has grown more complex and far reaching, the need for a method of integrating disparate applications.

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The integration of applications to save precious development dollars creates s.ljnthicum competitive edge for corporations who share application information either within the corporation or with trading partners. Packaged Application Technology Architecture. Using these interfaces, developers are able to bundle many applications together, allowing them to share business logic and information.

When using the point-to-point approach, integrating applications comes down to altering each application to be able to send and receive messages.

Before we make the business case for EAI, a number of things should be understood. Other links Connect to this resource online at https: Brian Mulloy rated it it was ok Nov 22, Features of the traditional system include both database and business processing existing together within the same environment. For this reason, some organizations will benefit more than others from EAI.

This allows any and all information required for all transactions to be immediately available no matter where the information is located in the enterprise. The vast majority of corporations use several generations of systems that rely on a broad range of enabling technology developed over many years. A number of factors contributed to this.


IT also needs to understand how these business processes are automated and sometimes not automated and the importance of all business processes.

University of Newcastle Library. Considering Performance Step While this is easily managed within the context of integrating two applications, integrating additional applications demands additional pipes.

Enterprise Application Integration

Home This editionEnglish, Book, Illustrated edition: Appliction Application Integration by David S. The Value of Frameworks. Licence restrictions may apply Book; Illustrated English Show 0 s.lintyicum libraries For example, accounting may have built their information systems around a mainframe, while human resources leveraged the power of distributed objects, and research and development might have used distributed transaction processing technology.

EAI is able to take many diverse systems and bundle them in such a way that they appear–and function–as a monolithic and unified application see Figure 1.

EAI is not simply a buzzword dreamed up by the press and analyst community. The advent of advanced middleware layers allowed distributed application development to take off. Unfortunately, any attempt to link additional systems quickly becomes a complex tangle s.linthjcum middleware links. The demand of the enterprise is to share data and processes without having to make sweeping changes to the applications or data structures see Figure 1.

Enterprise application integration / David S. Linthicum. – Version details – Trove

He has consulted for hundreds of major corporations engaged in systems analysis, design, and development, with a concentration in complex distributed systems. Middleware hides the complexities of the underlying operating system and network in order to facilitate the easy integration of various systems in the enterprise.

Chris Reesman marked it as to-read May 15, These online bookshops interation us they have this wpplication It is not z.linthicum for these systems to support thousands of users concurrently accessing the same application. While there always exists the option intwgration replacing these older systems, the cost of doing so is generally prohibitive. While it is easy to criticize these enterprises, they have done the best they could, given the available technology.


You may also include a “dealer” system in your supply chain by using EAI technology and techniques to first create the links and then the methods to share both data and business processes. Alif Mujahidin marked it as to-read May 10, Packaged Applications Packaged applications are any type of application that is purchased rather than developed.

Testing, Testing, Testing Step EAI and the Modern Enterprise. Developers leverage these interfaces to access both business processes and simple information. And, perhaps most importantly, what are the methods that best measure success? As a result, there were no open application programming interfaces APIsopen architectures, or other mechanisms that allowed for ready access to the processes and data that existed within these stovepipe systems.

Alexei rated it liked it Nov 14, The primary limitation is that middleware that uses message queuing or remote procedure calls RPCs only provides point-to-point solutions–that is, linkage between system A and system B.