IEEE C37 013 PDF

IEEE C37 013 PDF

Tested to IEEE C and Ca standard for generator circuit breakers. Meets or exceeds the latest ANSI, IEEE and NEMA standards. Up to 50 full-fault. latest standards, the previous IEEE C (now superseded) and the IEC for distribution circuit-breakers, in terms of requirements including short. The specific IEEE Standard is C, entitled “IEEE Standard for AC. High-Voltage Generator Circuit Breakers Rated on a. Symmetrical Current Basis” .

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Elements of Power System Analysis, 3rd ed.

Short Circuit Calculation | Short Circuit Software | Fault Analysis

iere Due to the location of installation between the generator and the associated step-up transformer, a generator circuit-breaker must meet high technical requirements with respect to rated normal currents, short-circuit currents, fault currents due to out-of-phase conditions and transient recovery voltages.


However, further calculations are needed to determine the duty for a special-purpose generator circuit breaker. Skip to search form Skip to main content.

Estimation of short circuit capability of Generator Circuit Breaker for a generator fed fault K. Currently, commercially available software products help in determining the duty for a general-purpose circuit breaker. Faculty Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science Department Electrical Sustainable Energy Date Abstract The requirements imposed on generator circuitbreakers greatly differ from the requirements imposed on other transmission and distribution circuit-breakers.

North American and IEC standards for circuit breakers. Application Of vacuum circuit-breaker to clear faults with delayed current zeros.

Circuit Breaker Device Component. The testing of SF6 generator circuit-breakers.

References Publications referenced by this paper. Skip to main content.

Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science. Subject fault current generator circuit-breaker transient recovery voltage To reference this document use: Citations Publications citing this paper.

Circuit Breaker Device Component Search for additional papers on this topic. Topics Discussed in This Paper.


ANSI / IEEE Standards C37 & UL 489

Showing of 3 extracted citations. Delayed current zero due to out-of-phase synchronizing. Assessment of the delayed current zeros occurrence using the evaluation of the Z-bus matrix in Matpower toolkit Vladimir VajnarZdenek VostrackyBarry Rawn 18th International Scientific Conference on….

Showing of 13 references.

Revision of TRV Requirements for the Application of Generator Circuit-Breakers

In order to quantify the transient recovery voltage requirements for the application of generator circuit-breakers a comprehensive survey of different fault conditions occurring in several power stations has been performed. The requirements imposed on generator circuitbreakers greatly differ from the requirements imposed on other transmission and distribution circuit-breakers. From This Paper Ieeee, tables, and topics from this paper.