a famous and immensely popular literary heroine very early on in life. —Editor. Lihaaf [The Quilt]. Ismat Chughtai. Translated from Urdu by M. Asaduddin. Ismat Chughtai (Urdu: عصمت چغتائی) (August – 24 October ) was an eminent Urdu writer, known for her indomitable spirit and a. Lihaaf (دیکھو) by Ismat Chughtai is one of the most controversial pieces in Urdu literary community. It caused enormous ripples in the.

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Published in the Urdu literary journal Adab-i-Latifit led to much controversy, uproar and an obscenity trial, where Ismat had to defend herself in the Lahore Court as well for this work. One of the best urdu writers and writers in general, Ismat Chugtai shot to fame or rather infamity with Lihaaf which was well ahead of its times when written and hence raised a lot of controversies.

Such bold story about a mistress’ relationship. Abdul Saboor November 29, at 9: Safdar Mahmood 1 Dr.

Ismat chughtai’s lihaaf – video dailymotion

I fell in love with Chughtai ma’am after reading Lihaaf. Saurabh Agarwal rated it liked it Oct 13, Begum and her female servant had furtive sex on these nights. The story is told from the point of view of a small girl who is the niece of the protagonist, Begum Jan.


How does she become the kind of writer she did? She was considered the grand dame of Urdu fiction, as one of the four pillars of modern Urdu short story, the other three being Saadat Hasan MantoKrishan Chanderand Rajinder Singh Bedi.

Lihaaf – Wikipedia

Zara December 20, at Mohsin Maghiana 1 Dr. I heard an audiobook version. While reading the story, I had often thought of her husband. Isar Ahmad Safi 1 Dr.

Qasim Jalal 2 Dr. Her bodily pain is such that no one can cure her, except one of her female servants. Muhammad Muzammil June 25, at Priyank Chauhan rated it really liked it Jul 10, Shahid Khan February 18, at 3: Anwar Zahidi 1 Dr.

Hopefully you will like our work. Moazzam December 20, at 6: It’s a juicy story with use of such beautiful and big words, it keeps you so interested and you can’t put it down unless you finish it. It ij a landmark for its early depiction of sex, still a taboo in modern Indian literaturelet alone Urdu literature.

Ismat chughtai’s lihaaf

I guess even though she grew up in an upper-middle-class conservative Muslim household, cgughtai was, nevertheless, not completely immune to socio-cultural restrictions women were subjected to in that period. Naseer Ahmad NAsir 2 Dr.

Much relevant, boldly bashing the social orders. This aunt, ignored by a husband whose only interest seems to lie in entertaining slim-waisted young boys, suffers from a relentless bodily itch. Thanks to the publisher for providing the meaning of most of the words below every page.


Amrita Roy Chowdhury rated it liuaaf was amazing Aug 23, The lonely Begum starts to wither but is saved by Rabbo, her masseuse. An obscenity trial and much uproar later, the story lihqaf still quite relevant. Having said that one can also argue that she was even ahead of most western women writers by writing about ‘sexuality’ especially if one considers her background and the extremely conservative and religious society, in general, of the times.

Shumail Hassan rated it really liked it Sep 16, How can she be so brave and brash?

Lihaaf is just one of the stories in this masterpiece where rudu story is a gem. Unknown October 20, at 4: Shaurya Verma rated it it was amazing Oct 23, Anukriti rated it it was amazing Dec 21, Sometimes more so than at other times. A wealthy household with servants, and consequently, a lot of movement and noise one generally associates with households in bazaars.

However, her family being educated and cultured were most probably not rigid in aligning themselves with the norms of the time.

Uzma Afzal rated it did not like it Dec 07,