Nikken Compensation Plan. Tue, — admin. Nikken Compensation Plan. Thumbnail · Syndicate content · follow_twitter. 11 Apr Nikken is a Japanese company that has been in the direct sales world market for 42 years. It focuses on marketing a wide range of products. 21 Sep We found a copy of the Nikken Compensation Plan, starts off telling us that this is a way to ‘dramatically improve our lives’. It also infers that this.

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We looked at the Nikken consultatns Policies and Procedures manual. Nikken Compensation Plan is a stair step breakaway plan. Likewise, it compensatkon become a source of motivation and enthusiasm, for nikken compensation plan new generation of leaders, who are witnessing the financial benefits leaders are earning as a result of the changes made to the Compensation Plan.

You compensatiion think that this is not a problem, after all, it takes time to build any business. Please enter your comment!

Royal Diamond Level requires the representatives to have 3 first levels Diamond or 6 first levels Platinum. If Lara goes Silver this month, Jim has until the end of next month to go Silver. Procedures and Compensation Plan. They do get Leadership Bonuses though for breakaways up to 6 levels deep depending on their rank.

June 24, at 5: We’d love to hear what you plwn about Nikken, especially if you can share your personal experiences with the company. To find out if consultants are earning an income from this opportunity, we looked at the Nikken Earnings Dislosure.

Nikken Changes Compensation Plan

They are telling us to join an opportunity to gain nkiken these things, without really telling us what the opportunity is! The new compensation Plan, combined with excellent products and people wanting to live a better and balanced life, have shown significant immediate results.


Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email nikken compensation plan will not be published. If you are happy to buy the products without any commission incentives, then maybe you can convince others to do the same. This tells us that on average, Nikken consultants can expect this business opportunity to lose money for 17 years.

Can You Make Money With Nikken — The Finance Guy

Here at the Finance Guy, we believe that you can’t make money with network marketing. The new compensation Plan, combined with nikken compensation plan products and people wanting to live a better and balanced life, have shown significant immediate results.

So my question is; What were the companies sales last year and how much compensatioj nikken compensation plan they pay out? Every level has its own qualifications to meet, in order to be qualified for that level.

Instead they build a network of loyal believers who are willing to pay unusually high prices for the added hopes and dreams of financial freedom. Having said that, we’ll take a closer look at Nikken and see if their opportunity is a good business or just another MLM.


In order to achieve the level of Diamond, representatives are supposed to have 3 first levels Platinum or 6 first levels Gold. Retail and Wholesale Profits, 2. The information on compensatino site is of a general nature only. June 27, admin 0 Comments. Every level has its own qualifications to meet, in order to be qualified for that level.

The only way to pay the generous commissions is to include them in the cost charged to consultants.

It’s as easy as that! Procedures and Compensation Plan. The problem we see with this, is that it creates artificial demand. The deep levels for this bonus vary from Silver to Royal Diamond. In just the first two months of the year, almost three hundred Wellness Consultants have qualified for ccompensation ranks, who in turn are emerging as a new generation of senior field leaders. Technology is moving very fast and therefore, what seemed innovative in the past decade is now seen as obsolete.


The business environment of today is characterized by constantly changing market conditions which have become a major challenge for all companies, regardless of the industry in which they operate. Proudly powered by WordPress. Network marketing companies are able to charge a higher price because they create a customer base of loyal members who believe that by consuming these products and recruiting others to do so, they will become financially free.

As nikken compensation plan result of this multi-year renewal nikken compensation plan evolutionary effort, a new Compensation Plan was launched in Earn extra money part-time, or develop nikken compensation plan new career. While getting a payment is fun, we think it would be better to simply charge the consultants less.

We don’t think that Nikken consultants are trying to scam you. Any salesperson will tell you that a key to success is selling a good product at a competitive price. If you become eligible for this bonus, then Rodan and Fields will allow you to choose how it is paid. The more people you recruit, the more you can earn As always we welcome your feedback in the comments section below. MLM is a way for companies to sell products without employing a sales force and without having to spend money on traditional advertising and promotions.

A Gold Consultant moves up to Platinum by either helping 3 front-line people nikken compensation plan Gold or 6 front-line people reach Silver.

Unlike traditional franchises, MLMs allow anyone to join.