Potana’s best work Sri Telugu Bhagavatam consist of poems in Telugu. also it contains all word to word meanings (Pratipadhardhamlu) for all the poems. Brahma Sri Chaganti Koteswara Rao Gari’s Bhagavatam Pravachanalu is the basic inspiration and Bammera Potana Matyulu Gari Bhagavatam Padyalu. Having able to do the work using hard-copy version of Potana Bhagavatam, I dared to take up the Comprehensive Volumetric Analysis of the great Purana.

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Learn Hindi language through English with audio pronunciations. When he came back in the evening, he saw the verse completed. For the purpose of this work, I have taken a standard windows-based PC, learnt data-input in Telugu language – using text files word and spreadsheets excel and started working on my above concept.

October 29, at He lived for sixty years. Such is the popularity of Pothana. Pohthana statue at Bammera village. Let us stroll in the universe called Bhagavatham in search of path to the utmost reality called Mukthi marg. I hope that the data made available:. There has been a lot of demand for the print edition of these books, due to their print quality, script, narration and coverage of complete Bhagavatam written by Sri Pothana.

October 21, at 1: The Bhagavatham contains not only moral, social value added Bhakthi stories, but also very beautiful Sringaraadhi navarasaspuritha articles with very beautiful linguistic prayogas like Alankaras, Sandhulu, Samasalu, in a very simple soft style called panchadara pakam sugar juice.

Telugu TTD Potana Bhagavatam Books Free Download PDF

Notify me of follow-up comments by email. September 28, at Learn Kannada language through English with audio pronunciations. He was quite fond of using rhythm and repetition of sounds giving a majestic grace to the style of writing. Retrieved from ” https: October 9, at 8: The app helps in following – Easy to read pottana Click the word for meaning – Bhatavatam the stanza for meaning – Copy a stanza, teeka and meaning in one go – Paginate – Bookmark stanzas – Bookmark words – Build vocabulary and track progress.

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పోతన తెలుగు భాగవతము

I enjoy reading this quite often. Rachakonda and its king ceased to exist by the midth century, absorbed into the Bahmani kingdom.

He was very skillful in using alankaras figures of speech like similes and metaphors. March 13, at 4: Propagation of Sanatana Dharma Shaivam. The daughter replied — “You yourself came in the afternoon and wrote some thing! Following is the first verse in his Andhra Maha Bhagavatam – The book that explains the nature of the God. At that auspicious moment, Supreme Lord Rama appeared dressed like a king and requested Pothana to translate Bhagavatam into Telugu Andhramu and dedicate it to Him.

This mobile application is an unofficial app of the content from above website. The result of chanting this Bhagavatamata is ultimate freedom, the Liberation of soul. The [1] in 5 volumes, is excellent to read and understand in simple language, available at a subsidised price. Find hidden words diagonally, horizontally or vertically in a grid. Maa lanti variki bhagavantudini aaraadhinche vaallaki meeru andinche ee sevalaki maa bhaki purvaka namassulu. The king himself is a scholar and wrote many works including Rudranavasudhakara, a well known Sanskrit drama.


Thus analyzing in Teluguall the knowledge of Bhagavatamlinguistic study of the then Telugu in somewhat similar bhagwvatam of bibliography. So Pothana understood that Lord Sri Rama himself came and completed the verse.

Potana Bhagavatamone of the excellent grandhas books rewritten in Telugu languagehas been a good source of knowledge for a long time.

Solve a jumbled Hindi puzzle!! In next version of the Work published the data along with other information my website www.

TTD Potana Bhagavatam Books Free Download PDF Telugu | Tirumala Tirupati Devastanams

October 21, at In fact, Pothana himself ascribed in the following poem, the purpose of his writing the Bhagavatam:. Life, General, Health Lotana Tests. Pothana retold Vyasa Bhagavatham in Andhra Bhasha in 12Skamdhas using more than 8 Lakh syllables fitted so naturally in 30 types of linguistic styles called Padya Gadyalu.

Potana – translated Bhagavata Purana from Sanskrit into Telugu. This type of preparing a comprehensive and consolidated data in an Indian languagespecifically in Teluguis unique, innovative and without any precedence as far as I was able to verify bhwgavatam the research papers published on Telugu research papers “Research in Telugu Potanz and Literature During the Period — October 7, at 2: This verse is Prahlada ‘s reply to his father asking him to give up glorifying the One he hated bitterly, Sri Hari.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

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