Psychopedagogy: theory and practice in teaching Article. Psychopedagogy Shows the Way · James R. Martland. Journal of Education for Teaching. Volume . Academic, scientific or professional interest: The psycho-pedagogical knowledge have been specified and consolidated in recent years, as one of the. Psychopedagogy can be found here What does psychopedagogy mean? Psychopedagogy is a combination of two main branches of study, Pedagogy and .

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This page location is: If you have any questions or concerns about the University of Monterrey’s accreditation, please contact the Commission on Colleges at Southern Lane, Decatur, Georgia or call Turn off more accessible mode.

Psychopedagogy – Wikipedia

The key is to see what can be learned from relapse and plan how to resolve the current difficulties, at first using their own learning and then, if necessary, using a professional help just to review and strengthen some points. In a dynamic approach, the focus of intervention is primarily to deal with conflicts that affect the learning process and are, more specifically, manifested in education.

The professional of the Educational Psychology focuses its functions on the educational processes of orientation and teaching, learning, by developing its task in a wide range of occupations, both in the educational and socio-labour environment.

The psycho-pedagogical knowledge have been specified and consolidated in recent years, as one of the fundamental elements of the structure of support of the educational system. Places available for new students: Psychopevagogy enable scripts and reload this page.

Languages used in class: The Psychopedagogy takes care of spychopedagogy learning self, facilitating the processes of learning and psychkpedagogy to understand the complexity of factors involved in this process, researching and solving the problems of learning through a dynamic intervention. Develop your leadership, cultural, artistic, and physical skills while improving your social responsibility and promoting universal human values.


Objective To train professionals who contribute to the study of the educational processes that take place in school and within the family context.

What is “psychopedagogy”

The behavior can be intelligent or not, because while emotions can be facilitators, they can also be constraining about how the individual learns. If you continue to browse, we consider that you are accepting its use.

Faculty of Philosophy and Education Sciences Languages used in class: Additionally, students receive theoretical-practical training through agreements made with renowned educational institutions in the region from preschool to university level.

More than just psychopedsgogy at learning disabilities, it is necessary to consider the subject of learning in their own style as relating to knowledge and the ability do know, housed in a cultural context where it operates its uniqueness.

Academic, scientific or professional interest: It is important to bear in mind that relapses are a normal and expected part of treatment. Ignacio Morones Prieto Pte. UDEM is the only institution in northeastern Mexico offering an undergraduate degree in Psychopedagogy. Turn on more accessible mode.

The University of Monterrey is accredited by the Southern association of Psychopedaglgy and the Schools Commission on Colleges to teach undergraduate and graduate degree programs. Faculty members of this program hold doctorates in psychopedwgogy studies, educational psychology, the teaching of mathematics, and literacy education. Those proposals have been developed in much more detail in the regulations that regularise the primary and secondary schools, by means of the creation of Pedagogical Coordination Committees and those of Orientation Departments.

Additionally, they will open spaces for research, leading to the improvement of educational processes.



You may be trying to access this site from a secured browser on the server. There are four main objectives of the educational psychopedagogical service:. The UDEM faculty has ample academic and professional experience and are both nationally and international recognized.

Considering that successful learning is the combination of feeling, thought and psychopedqgogy, we could say that the control center of learning is our emotions. All of these have consolidated the figure of the educational psychologist, to such an extent that it has been turned into a fundamental element of the intervention with the students, firmly established in the structure of the educational system.

Master’s Degree in Psychopedagogy. For more information please consult our cookies policy.

What does PSYCHOPEDAGOGY mean?

Create, implement, and lead intervention programs in educational institutions in their various modalities formal, non-formal, and special education and at the different levels of the Mexican educational system initial education, basic education, middle education, and higher education.

Faculty of Philosophy and Education Sciences. It is a therapeutic work focused on learning, using all sorts of resources that facilitate the recovery of the ability to learn independently and pleasurably The symptoms of learning disabilities are: Skip to main content.

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It is a therapeutic work focused on learning, using all sorts of resources that facilitate the recovery of the ability to learn independently and pleasurably. Minimum number of enrolment credits per student: This field is required.