THE FENCE Jose Garcia Villa. Summary: The setting is reflective of the kind of characters and the situation they would be in. The nipa huts look desolate and. SUMMARY OF THE FENCE The setting is reflective of the kind of characters and the situation they would be in. Communication Gap in the story The Fence by Jose Garcia Villa Essay Sample. Communication is the key to any relationship. However, it is quite common that.

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When it ceased he wanted to scream in protest, but a strangling cough seized him. Youth must be dreamfully sweet. It was paining him again, Dodong knew. It was dusk when he reached home. Now, the musical notes are completed. The gesture is not heroics but discipline.

He even starts sleeping by the door where he is able to hear the guitar being played by the girl. But the bamboo fence was not always there.

Aguinaldo proclaimed Philippine independence from Spain in She cried sometimes, wishing she had not married. What is the poem I was not young long i met the soul early by Jose garcia villa? The conflict of Jose Garcia Villa’s story is the issues that comealong with getting married young, especially with no regards forthe future.

The parched soil between the two houses was once rich and fertile as the neighbors used to share a bond of warmth and care.

The building of the fence progresses from the ends centerward. The prime teaching of the story is the importance of forgiveness. Lyric 17 by Jose garcia villa? Learn to humble yourself. He leaned against it and listened, jjose, to the music. The main conflict in the poem “Footnote to Youth” by Jose GarciaVilla is the difficulty that the two young lovers face by marryingso early in life.


He felt extremely sad and sorry for him. Those of each house would not water their plants, for if they did, would not water their water spread to the other side and quench too the thirst of pechays and mustards not theirs?

Dodong looked at it without interests. But of each other they were afraid: I am speaking of the archer’s bow.

His parents’ eyes seemed to pierce him through and he felt limp. He w anted to be wise about many things. Jose Garcia Villa was a Filipino poet, painter, short story writer,and literary critic. Afterward Dodong himself thought that if he had a decayed tooth he would be afraid to go to the dentist; he would not be any bolder than his father. But Iking did not lie down. She wondered if she had married Lucio, would she have borne him children.

Villa said, “These lines mean exactly what they say: The guitar plays a few minutes after Iking died. The notes of a guitar.


One night, Aling Sebia was crying out of pain, she was delivering a child and was helped by Aling Biang. The ggarcia was wrapping the child, Dodong heart it cry. A at Columbia University.

When it begins to fly, it opens up and spreads its wings and blooms like a flower. Their 42 years of marriage produced 5 children: At night, as he lay on the bamboo floor, notes of a guitar would reach his ears. Sonnet 1 by Jose garcia villa? Then he confined his mind to dreaming of Teang and himself.


Why cant they love and be compassionate with each other? The little religious for my sake. And by ‘fire’ in the next line, I simply mean that a poem must have a spirit. By noon, AlingBiang was driving tall bamboo splits into the narrow ribbon of yard.

I think you shouldn’t have this kind of website. Be beautiful, noble, like the antique ant, Who bore the storms as he bore the sun, Wearing neither gown nor helmet, Though he was archbishop and soldier: Would you like to get such a paper?

She left her baby son at home, heeded not the little cries.

What is ‘The Fence’ by Jose Garcia Villa all about

When Teang gave birth to their first baby. This was published inAmerican literary magazines just like his other short stories andpoems. This could have been an opportunity for reconciliation, but after Aling Biang helps her there is complete silence. Dodong ate fish and rice, but didnot partake of the fruit.

Aling Sebia seems not remorseful as she matches volla anger and hatred of Aling Biang.